2 half day virtual workshop event -
Nov. 14th - 9-12:45
Nov. 15th - 9-12

With the recent events, we are moving this workshop virtual, with our goal to hold space and help you feel incredibly connected to the other women in this group. In order to do this, we will be sending you a care package with everything you need to make your day feel full of self care and nourishment. This workshop will be as much about healing and holding space, as it will be releasing fear and creating hope. Healing from feeling isolated and unsure to being able to ground yourself in times of intense struggle so that you can move forward.

Payment plans available - 

If you have concerns please reach out. I want this workshop to be as accessible as possible.

Getting excited for our Reclaim and Rece

The pillars of Release & Receive

Reground. come back into your body

Name old patterns, reactions, stories.

Release yourself from these ties.

Healing through community. 

Create movement & Space.

Reconnect to your needs.

Choose your next steps. 


Girl, I see you. Holding onto a story that has been a part of your life for so long. You are ready to let it go, but how? You are ready to create new growth, but need help releasing old habits that have kept you stuck and words in your mind that keep you thinking you are less worthy than you are.

You are worthy.

You are worthy.

Your big dreams are worth the work, and even though it can be uncomfortable to grow, you are so very ready to move forward.

You are so able.

What would you tell your younger self to help her feel more confident in moving forward?

What would you do differently if you knew you could not fail?

What would your future self want for you right now?


We can do this together.

We can heal, we can recreate our stories,

and with creative solutions and ideas we can make

our visions become our reality. 

This workshop was put together specifically for my clients that are ready for more, giving them the tools they need to move through struggle and into a vision of joy and purpose in their lives.

In this full day workshop, I will use trauma informed exercises to show you how to release what doesn't serve you, to claim what you really want during at this point in your life AND how to get there in a confident, excited way that gets you back connected with yourself and your loved ones. This will be a full day about creating authentic connections, fueling your soul, movement that opens up your heart and body for healing, and opening up your heart and mind so that you can receive what you REALLY want!


By joining you receive:

A full day of connection, understanding, healing, and growth with other incredible women who are there to do the same! We are all in the same boat - at home during this very chaotic time. We are allowing ourselves this day to drop into our bodies, find a grounded space, and create an energy that can guide us through our difficult days with a bigger vision

  • 30 minute one-on-one call  before the program begins to setup your space, create your intention for the workshop and answer any questions you have before our workshop day

  • Gift basket to your home with everything you will need for your day, snacks, teas, candle, some other cozy items, and of course your workbook!

  • 30 minute guided Yoga and meditation - movement is extremely accessible and customizable for what you need

  • Full Workbook  with exercises you can continually practice 


  • Beautiful gift for you after the workshop ends...because you are worthy of receiving 

Payment Options:

  • Pay in full - $229 total 

  • 2 part payment plan - $118 to get your spot reserved now! ($236 total)

  • If money is what's stopping you, let's make a plan together! 

  • Sign up by November 6th If you are not local to PDX!

  • Sign up by November 10th If you are local to PDX


  • If you sign up after November 10th I would still love to have you! I will not be able to get you your care package in time. You will be send a digital copy of the workbook and of course your beautiful gift afterwards! 

Workshop will run , with plenty of time for breaks and stretching,

movement (built in with our yoga practice!).
Day 1:
9am Start Release Section
10:30 break
12pm Movement and Somatic release section
12:45 End

Day 2:
9am Start Receive Section
10:15 Break
Future Vision and Receive
12pm End
- more detailed time plan will come in your prep email


Please do your best to block out this day for you but

we understand that kids are home and we are all doing our best!

You will not be judged ♥