Who the heck are you??

Hey friends! I'm Emily. I'm a mom of 3, veteran spouse, lover of animals, lifelong athlete, GOOD decaf coffee fiend, fresh air and sunshine fuel my soul, and have a true passion for helping others feel their most confident and vibrant selves. I have a background in working with kids and young adults with emotional and behavioral disturbances, and after becoming a mama, I redirected this love of helping others to women who wanted to live their best lives.

A little about me:

I've moved 32 times in my life (I'm a pro at the truck packing), the boring details of which I'll spare you, but between my dad playing pro football, moving back home in the off season, moving mid high-school, studies abroad and being a military spouse, I've met people from all over this world, and I wouldn't change a thing! (more on this in my previous post

We love to travel. We are currently r