Fear, it's time for you to listen up.

Updated: Dec 18, 2018

Fear is a crazy lady. She is there to keep you safe, but wants to make sure you don't go anywhere. She loves to show up in different ways. She is happiest when you are stuck right there in your routine, where you know what to expect without much chance that anything will change. ..you know, your comfort zone.

. . I don't want you to think fear is bad. Fear has the amazing ability to help us feel out situations that are genuinely unsafe, but she also gets a hold of our emotions when we think about switching up something in our life. And this is where the struggle is. There is no growth in your comfort zone... ______________ Without that growth there is no new understanding of where you are now after all your experiences as opposed to when you were in collage. I mean really, think of all that has happened since then! Are you the same person? or do you deserve a little growth to honor the person with your current interests, values, and visions that you are now?? ______________ But fear likes to hold on tight, and often manifests in ways like "what if I fail?".... "What if I succeed?"...."How will I find the time?"

By actually asking yourself these questions with the willin