1-on-1 Coaching

Ready to really dive deep into your own goals and limiting beliefs? Sick of feeling like you are stuck in patterns that keep coming up in your life? That you want to have this big vision for your life but every time you begin, something else comes up and seems to stop you from moving forward? I have helped many women work through struggles of guilt, fear, anxiety, and confidence by helping them see their own power. This 6 month minimum coaching package is the most comprehensive way to create lasting change and work through your own struggles that are keeping you from living your most vibrant life! My coaching is NOT about telling you what you need to think or do to be happy. It's about diving into what actually makes YOU feel joyful, fulfilled, sexy, confident, and passionate about your life, and making it into your reality with deep healing and celebration for the work you are putting in! 


Our one on one chats, vision casting and ability to dive in deep to YOUR struggles is what will really help you to heal those past stories and create those mindset shifts you've been searching for. You are ready to get out of your comfort zone, get into your own healing and focus in with our weekly calls to make YOUR goals and visions a reality! Here's what you can expect...


What you will get in my signature 1 on 1 coaching program:

6 months of weekly coaching (25 sessions): working on the struggles that you need to work through

We create a goal plan for our coaching and I will help you move forward in your life/business goals,

and as we grow different triggers or blocks come up. We move through those so we can continue moving forward! 

 - 45 Minute Getting Started Right Video Call

- Consistent email and messenger access to me

- Access to any new programs I come out with during our coaching time

- Discounts on any live events (Currently have 2 workshops and a Day long retreat planned!)

- 24/7 access to me and other amazing women ready to level up through our online community

VIP Day at the end of your coaching

Mini photo session with professional photographer, Lunch with me

and some other goodies to celebrate you!


$4500/6 months (payment plans available) -

$4000 pay in full

Save $500 AND You get to claim your spot at my daytime Retreat in April!

Payment Plan - $750/month

Schedule your free 30 minute discovery call to see if my style of coaching resonates with

you and will provide the value you are looking for! 

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