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Empowered Trauma Informed Life Coaching

Building the bridge from your past so you can move into your present and future.

So often we become frustrated with being stuck, and forget that at one point we likely learned our behaviors so help us survive. 

The goal of trauma informed life coaching is to allow you to see your strength while you move through the emotions, activations/triggers, and understand how you can create a joyful life that aligns to what you really want. 

The stories we create about ourselves because of how we respond to traumas is not the same as the truth about ourselves. 

The truth is that you are resilient. You are able. You are a powerful human that has the ability to thrive. My job as your coach is to help you realize how to harness your own resiliency and power, and to create a safe space for you to explore and heal together. 


Are you ready for more focused healing work? My 1 on 1 coaching focuses on your specific needs, triggers, blocks, and vision so that we can move you forward in a bigger way! 


Expect : 6 months of coaching

$3500 total - Monthly or dual payment plan available 

Reclaim Your Season
Self-paced program

This self paced program is for the starter ready to start exploring their own needs and who they are in this season of life, but not quite ready for 1 on 1 coaching. 

Expect a 6 week program that will give you an incredible foundation for beginning your growth.

Jamie - Busy Homeschooling Mama of 2

Emily’s weekly coaching sessions have kept me on track and working toward my goals more consistently than ever before. Seeing success both on and off the scale is so encouraging. Emily isn’t just a health coach, she brings all factors of your life under her umbrella, seeing you as a whole person. She is amazing!

Lauren - Photographer, Nutrition Coach

Being a part of Emily’s groups have been a big part of the changes I’ve made in my health. Her encouragement and positive leadership are a valuable resource for anyone wanting to grow. I appreciate the community of like minded women she has built - her passion for helping and serving others truly shows. Being in her challenges has shown me that I can be stronger and healthier now as a mom of two than I ever have been before in my life.

Valerie - Navy Veteran, Mama of 3

Having Emily as my coach has, above all, given me the confidence to move forward with a strong fitness and diet plan. She provides the accountability that I need in order to succeed, and she truly cares about my life & fitness journey. To say that she has changed and improved my life is an understatement.

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