I'm Emily Jones, mama, veteran spouse, lover of travel, and a trauma informed life coach. I am a woman who loves new experiences and moments, good coffee and fresh air. 

After moving 5 times in 6 years across oceans and states, having 3 babies, and consistently having to re-find my community, I was lost. I reconnect to myself if I was going to feel whole again. Using the mind/body connection as my catalyst, I was able to heal through triggers that put me back into old patterns of self sabotaging and self doubt. I was able to get back to the roots of who I am and move forward with a clearer vision of how to move forward. 

 When I learned to lean into my healing and what my soul really craved, I was able to unravel the blocks in my life. Everything started to come back to me. 


My strength, my ability to be the mom, wife, sister, daughter and woman that I want to be. It's always a work in progress - Many days I feel on top of it all, other days I have to work a little harder. But I now have the mindset + strength to lean into my struggle. Now I help other women sift through the triggers and blocks we get as women growing into our own skin. There is a better way to live our everyday than to feel like we are stuck in chaos...every damn day. The main source of change is a willingness to heal! Together we will uncover the triggers and stories that keep you stuck in a pattern that doesn't serve you. We will do the work, and we celebrate every one of the moments that you feel alive! My job is to help you create tools that serve you, help you dream of a life bigger than your stories let you believe, and when those blocks do come up, we will work together to heal through them so you can continue to see your power and the vibrant woman you are!


Because we rise by lifting others, and that is a ripple that will continue forever. 

"empowered women empower women."


Are you ready for more focused healing work? My 1 on 1 coaching focuses on your specific needs, triggers, blocks, and vision so that we can move you forward in a bigger way! 

These spots are not always open! 


Reclaim Your Season
Self-paced program

If you want to begin clearing away the blocks to have more understanding about what you want in your life (and what you don't), confidence in your own ability, and have a bad ass community of women to support you. 

Jamie - Busy Homeschooling Mama of 2

Emily’s weekly coaching sessions have kept me on track and working toward my goals more consistently than ever before. Seeing success both on and off the scale is so encouraging. Emily isn’t just a health coach, she brings all factors of your life under her umbrella, seeing you as a whole person. She is amazing!

Lauren - Photographer, Nutrition Coach

Being a part of Emily’s groups have been a big part of the changes I’ve made in my health. Her encouragement and positive leadership are a valuable resource for anyone wanting to grow. I appreciate the community of like minded women she has built - her passion for helping and serving others truly shows. Being in her challenges has shown me that I can be stronger and healthier now as a mom of two than I ever have been before in my life.

Valerie - Navy Veteran, Mama of 3

Having Emily as my coach has, above all, given me the confidence to move forward with a strong fitness and diet plan. She provides the accountability that I need in order to succeed, and she truly cares about my life & fitness journey. To say that she has changed and improved my life is an understatement.

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