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Empowered Trauma Informed Life Coaching

Building the bridge from your past so you can move into your present and future.

So often we become frustrated with being stuck, and forget that at one point we likely learned our behaviors so help us survive. 

Through trauma informed life coaching you are giving yourself permission to see your strength while you move through the emotions, activations/triggers, and understand how you can create a joyful life that aligns to what you really want. 

The stories we create about ourselves because of how we respond to traumas are not the same as the truth about ourselves. 

The truth is that you are resilient. You are able. You are a powerful human that has the ability to thrive. My job as your coach, and the reason Free Spirit Coaching exists, is to help you realize how to harness your own resiliency and power, and to create a safe space for you to explore and heal together. 


Your brain has found ways to keep you alive during times of struggle. Now you get to remind your brain how to function out of crisis mode. 


You are not broken.


Anna B.

Coaching client &

Release & Receive Workshop Member

I felt very safe in sharing. I didn't feel judged and we were allowed to just open up.

Tara M.

Emily created a calm, safe space to work through my challenging beliefs and to see how they were holding me back in my life. The exercises walked me step by step through recognizing the old patterns, releasing them and then finding new actions to take moving forward.

Cady H. 

Coaching client &

Release & Receive Workshop Member

“The virtual workshop was amazing- the group was very involved and allowed for a very intimate experience. Emily was a fantastic host, listener and sharer - allowing herself to be open to wherever the group took her which made it easier for the rest of us to do the same!”

Cyclical living coach and

Coaching Client